When Your Heart Says Yes, But Your Brain Says…Yes?


Human beings are nutjobs.

Intelligent, yes. But nutjobs nonetheless. Cowardly, to be specific, concerning the infinite fight for the preservation of “the status quo.”

There’s always something (or someone) out there. Some external force of some sort. Government. Capitalism.

“This TV nowadays is destroying our kids.”

Really? No seriously, really? You think your own kid will turn out to be worse than you?

That’s not to say the above statement isn’t correct, but a question can be posed on whether to protect the kids from the TV or from the generation that gave them access to it while banging the secretary. And don’t get too involved either. Otherwise, you’ll be raising a bitch ‐ at least that’s what I heard.

In the aftermath of 9/11, like some previous national emergencies in the US, the executive grabbed the wheel while Congress and the courts took a step back. The (not surprising) thing was how the masses rallied against the policies implemented by the government and blamed the latter two for their deference. When such events die down and life goes “back to normal,” the opposite happens. The public lashes out on the courts while the government is bashed for their deference.

You can’t win with fools like us roaming the streets. We’ll strip you down and chop your penis off just to show it all on Tik Tok. And if you think the problem is “out there,” you need to wash your eyes off with some mouthwash. You ain’t seeing shit. Luckily, you’re reading this so it’s my best bet that you will soon enough.

Case study. Girl A just posted a photo on Instagram exposing her gigantic breasts. 10,000 likes. Girl B is an animator. She just posted a photo of her latest creation. Some superhero character of some sorts. Her audience really liked it. 60 likes. The most she’s seen in a while.

Take note of your heart rate. What are you feeling right now?


Agitation toward Girl A and/or sympathy toward Girl B gives us a reflection of your soul.

“That slutty bitch.”

“60? I feel so bad for her.”

“That’s so sad.”

No, idiot. No, it’s not. Girl A might be whoring herself around, but the problem here is not her nor her audience.

“What is she teaching all the young girls out there?” Whose fault is it that those so‐called young girls don’t have a strong sense of self and now need to be looking for guidance and role models on the interwebs? Sidenote: I am not mistaken here when I say that one who needs a mentor is one who is one on the mission of forging an identity. How are those therapy sessions working out for you?

“You’re siding with her?” I’m not. You’re just stupid if you think that’s the issue here.

It is only in a world where the women act like whores (but are not) and the men have been preconditioned to want whores, that you get lonely, attention‐deprived souls like you calling the above scenario “sad.” For goodness’ sake, likes as an S.I. unit of growth/success/progress? Jeez. We left that in kindergarten physics, my dude. Too much weed, too many psychiatrists, and not enough books.

Oh wait, it’s the other way around? Huh. Feels different.

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