What Is the Role of a Teacher?

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College is a scam.

The whole education system is a scam.

But surprise, surprise; that doesn’t give you a leeway to hate your job.

When your focus is on being a good teacher, and your measure of a good student is how willing he is to be a douchebag waiting to be filled up by you, the “holder of information,” you not only hate your job, you also hate your student.

School and learning are not synonymous. Not even close. They shouldn’t even be in the same sentence together so you best believe I just made a mistake right there. When a 10-year-old kid or a sophomore at a university says that they hate school and your immediate reaction is to assume that they hate learning, or that they just don’t get that “education is the key to success,” then please take my advice and go get a brain scan. You might have a walnut stuck somewhere up there.

There’s no problem with you wanting to go pursue your dream degree. There’s also no problem with a parent who wants their kid to go through a path they were unfortunate to go through themselves. I should know, I’m a product of the latter. But let’s get one thing straight. You are deluding yourself if you think you’re going to school to learn. You’ll be lucky to get that one teacher who cares about what he/she does. But even if you do, your nights are still better spent picking up chicks and drinking yourself to death. You’ll still graduate anyway.

And to the parent sending that kid to school, let’s also get one thing straight. Be sure you’re not doing it just so you can be the mom whose kids went to college.

I don’t doubt your love for your child. But at that point, the situation is about you, not about your child. It doesn’t matter if he is dehumanized. His perception of reality disoriented by him being robbed of the ability to think critically; to mould his creativity; to have hope for humanity. Screw that! That stuff is for sissies. “You make sure you get your degree. Everything will be alright.” Of course, it will. No wonder she’s slitting her wrists as we speak.

This is where the teacher comes in. Because even if the parent was stupid enough to not consider the implications stated above, the teacher can still change the kid’s situation by helping him reverse that particular “dehumanization.”

But what the heck. The remaining 90% of the lectures will still be taught by crackheads anyways so please excuse me for thinking way over my head.

I’ll be quiet now.

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