This Is Why Vodka exists


“Lawyers can rock.”

That’s the first sentence in the paper, Revitalizing the Lawyer-Poet: What Lawyers Can Learn From Rock and Roll.

“I’m not talking about playing musical instruments. Lawyers can find passion and reward in their work while making a valuable contribution to society.”

– Russell G. Pearce

Okay. Cool. Quick question though. Who said they couldn’t?

Before you get your balls all tied up, I’m not posing this question out of disrespect or just to showcase how much of a jerk I am (which I am.) “Lawyers can rock” seems like the ‘real world’ example of constantly telling yourself “I’m beautiful” for however many times your self-esteem can handle it.

The statement implies that the field of law is in such a state where lawyers can’t “rock.” That lawyers are in a position where they can’t find passion and reward in their work while making a valuable contribution to society. Hence the need to reaffirm themselves that they can rock.

This is the part where I tell you to leave your guru and go find another or whatever. Cause the 50 or so times that you call yourself “beautiful” every morning might be doing you more harm than good, whether you realize it or not – in which case you probably don’t.

If you read that first sentence – either as a lawyer or as a fellow blockhead – and immediately thought, ”yeah, you’re right. Lawyers CAN rock,” I can bet my soul that your life is miserable. And that’s not on the ‘60s. Because that implies that there was a time in history when it was all milk and honey and then some doofus just had to eat the forbidden fruit so now we’re all stuck missing the “good ol’ days.”

Just in case you haven’t been reading this blog, here’s something you should imprint on your forehead: There are no ‘good ol’ days’. A failure to realize this is one explanation on why you’re finding it so hard to actively find solutions to present problems and even simply cherish the present for what it is.

Life is change. It all depends on how you react to it.

“How many men have you slept with before me?” You sick son of a bitch. Thank your stars that she’s yours at this very moment.

Art = Poverty?

On lawyers and rock and roll, it’s a certainty that your teachers had a part to play in it. Your parents might have also chipped in. But ultimately – as is the order of the day my lovelies – ultimately, it’s on you. It’s always on you. You’re the only one who can set yourself in a position where you can “find passion and reward in your work while making a valuable contribution to society” without reciting that same thing to yourself like a goofball every single morning.

And this doesn’t only apply to the lawyers.

“Why are teachers a certainty?” you ask.

Well, who else sets you up with a mentality of expecting to be in a particular position in society.

“…lawyers can rock, but will they? I don’t know. But let me end with a question for you: Would you rather yearn for Glory Days that you never had or would you rather jam with Springsteen or Hendrix?”

Russell G. Pearce

Wrong question. But it’s 2006 so who cares.

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