What To Do With Your Time

*note; some points may be regurgitative of others. punch me. If you’re reading this, it’s probably too late. Tough luck. 1. Unless you’ve got six feet of dirt over your head, porn/PlayStation won’t be enough for you to convince yourself that it’s too late. Might as well get back to work. 2. Daydreaming is your …

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True sacrifice puts your reputation on the line.  They didn’t notice it? Those ungrateful devils? So what?  “I actually wasn’t expecting a thank you.” Oh really? How do you explain your resentment?  Life could be so much better if you didn’t focus on making it worse.


Against the Rules is a podcast by author, Michael Lewis. It’s alright. I listen to it during a passive activity or when I have some time to kill. Some episodes are solid gold, some are pieces of trash that should be crapped on and incinerated in hell. All episodes do not contribute anything to my …

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Meet Oscar

“So what’s your plan in life?” “Don’t know,” well, actually, you do know. You’re just too self-conscious about it. Strike one! “When I do lay it out when the time is right, it might not be as intriguing as expected.” And then? And then you stuff your face inside your shoes. Endgame? It was all …

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When Your Heart Says Yes, But Your Brain Says…Yes?

Human beings are nutjobs. Intelligent, yes. But nutjobs nonetheless. Cowardly, to be specific, concerning the infinite fight for the preservation of the status quo. There’s always something (or someone) out there. Some external force of some sort. Government. Capitalism. “This TV nowadays is destroying our kids.” Really? No, seriously, really? You think your own kid …

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The Lie We Like Telling Ourselves

You need to go find yourself.Discover your true self.Realize who you truly are. The fact that I haven’t puked inside my own mouth while writing these phrases means that I’m either getting used to how common they’ve become, or I’ve run out of puke in the puke chamber and now need to find some other …

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A Dog and a Nobel Laureate

7:00 pm. You just got home from work. A tiny one-bedroom apartment in the not-so-safe part of the city. You had a brawl with a stray dog over a pack of chicken carcasses. You were planning to use them for soup. The dog won. Your cold got a bit more intense. Opening the front door, …

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This Is Why Vodka exists

“Lawyers can rock.” That’s the first sentence in the paper, Revitalizing the Lawyer-Poet: What Lawyers Can Learn From Rock and Roll. “I’m not talking about playing musical instruments. Lawyers can find passion and reward in their work while making a valuable contribution to society.” – Russell G. Pearce Cool. Quick question though. Who said they …

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A Kick In The Gut

(Updated April 19, 2021) “Twelve of Europe’s leading football clubs have today come together to announce they have agreed to establish a new midweek competition, the Super League, governed by its Founding Clubs.” – thesuperleague.com Well, this has been an interesting start to the week. If you haven’t heard (or if you’re American), a number …

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